What are the health benefits of Jasmine tea?

What are the health benefits of Jasmine tea?

Ivy Default Asked on April 23, 2015 in Food & Drink.
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Health benefits of Jasmine Tea Since Jasmine tea is basically Green, White, or Oolong tea (less commonly, black) as a base with Jasmine included, to enhance the smell and taste of the tea, the health benefits would be based primarily with the underlying tea used. However, Jasmine does impart some additional chemical components to the tea, which do have some effects on mind and body.

Health benefits particular to jasmine (not just the base tea):

There is scientific research showing that jasmine has potent chemo-preventive efficacy in experimental mammary carcinogenesis’…that translates to ‘Jasmine can help fight cancer’.

Some studies have proven the Sedative effects of the jasmine tea odor and major odor components, on autonomic nerve activity (meaning it helps you sleep).

Gina Train Answered on April 23, 2015.
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Jasmine tea (Chinese: 茉莉花茶; pinyin: mòlìhuā chá) is tea scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms to make a scented tea. Typically, jasmine tea has green tea as the tea base; however, white tea and black tea are also used. The resulting flavour of jasmine tea is subtly sweet and highly fragrant. It is the most famous scented tea in China.[1]

The jasmine plant is believed to have been introduced into China from Persia via India during the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD),[2] and was being used to scent tea around the fifth century.[2] However, jasmine tea did not become widespread until the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912) when tea started to be exported in large quantities to the West.

The jasmine plant is grown at high elevations in the mountains. Jasmine tea produced in the Chinese province of Fujian has the best reputation.[1] Jasmine tea is also produced in Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Zhejiang provinces.[1] Vietnam is also known for the production of jasmine tea.

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